Austin Colby’s CV

Vice President, Catzen Computer Consulting Corp
PO Box 16228, Baltimore, MD 21210  –  410.891.1680  –

  • 17 Years experience in information technology, six years specializing in digital forensics
  • Apple Forensic and eDiscovery expert which includes in-depth knowledge in data acquisition and device imaging, analysis, production.
  • Provided one on one consulting, and case support for multiple federal and state/local law enforcement agencies
  • Contract eDiscovery/forensic analyst for Apple Computer
  • Taught digital forensics/forensic tool training at FLETC, HOARCFL, DCFL, USSS Training Facility and multiple other locations.
  • Working knowledge of most common Microsoft applications and operating systems along with support for those products and troubleshooting processes gained through experience.
  • Software development and deployment using Visual Studio (, C++, C#, ASP.Net, .Net framework).
  • The ability to assemble, troubleshoot and repair PC and Apple hardware.
  • An in-depth knowledge of the internet, including the structure, security, search engine optimization, analytics and pay per click advertising campaigns.
  • Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop
  • Web site design and maintenance along with custom application development per the clients needs.
  • Practical Hardware and software VPN knowledge.
  • Networking setups including copper and fiber cabling and knowledge of switches, routers, directory servers (Active and Open Directory)
  • Office collaboration software including exchange, instant messaging, shared calendars.

Specialties: Digital Forensics, Apple (Mac and iOS Device), MAMP, FileMaker, PHP, Magento, Adobe Photoshop, XServe, Open Directory, Active Directory, Microsoft Windows 3.11 – Windows 10, Microsoft Office Products, Visual Studio (VB.Net, C#, and ASP.Net), VPN, Networking and NetSuite.


Vice President at Catzen Computer Consulting Corp

Catzen Forensic provides data recovery services, forensic imaging of drives, reconstruction of NTFS and FAT file systems, reconstruction of RAID sets, Cell phone\Smart Phone forensics, Expert Witness, Forensic Examination of Hard drives, Network Traffic Analysis, Electronic Discovery, Network Intrusion Investigation and Analysis, Trojan/Virus reverse engineering.

2016 – Present
Director, Forensic Analyst and Instructor Team at BlackBag Technologies, Inc.

Responsibilities include assisting law enforcement, government and private sector agencies with overcoming challenges when analyzing Apple devices. In addition to working one on one with federal and state/local agencies across the country, I taught over 500 students BlackBag’s forensic analysis techniques and tool specific training classes and also lead our team’s customer engagement strategies.

2010 – 2016
Program Analyst at Merkle Response

Developing and deploying software solutions for data interpretation, troubleshooting and implementing clients on a C++ imaging/OCR software, SQL database management/development and custom data reporting utilities for the warehouse management application

2009 – 2010
General Manager at Off The Deep End, Inc.

Overall management of day to day business activites and employees, internal CRM and OMS systems administration, network security and PCI compliance auditing, along with development and deployment of a customized ASP.Net e-commerce platform using a Microsoft SQL backend.

2001 – 2009


Teaching Experience
Instructor — BlackLight Tool Training

The BlackLight Tool Training course offers a hands-on investigative approach toward learning techniques for authenticating, analyzing and reporting digital evidence found on Mac OS X computers, iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) devices, Windows and Android Mobile systems.

2014 – 2016
Instructor — Essential Forensic Techniques

This course included Apple Appliances, Software RAIDs, and using advanced command line tools. Also further their understanding of the HFS file system, deleted files, and file recovery.

2012 – 2016


SANS-408 — Windows Forensic Analysis 2014
Introduction to Mac Forensics — BlackBag Technologies 2010
Mac Forensic In-Depth Analysis —  BlackBag Technologies 2011
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Network Administration — Accutech 1999-2000


Certified BlackLight Examiner – BlackBag Technologies, Inc. 2015


I have testified as an expert witness in the following cases:

Circuit Court for Montgomery County